Privacy statement

McMain Software's privacy and cookie policy

This is a privacy statement for the companies that are jointly responsible for the McMain software, the mcmain website and other products and services dat are offered on the mcmain website. This group of companies consists of: I.D.E. Software, I.D.E. Consultancy, I.D.E. Team and Gilde Maintenance, hereinafter referred to as McMain. McMain is committed is respecting and safeguarding your privacy in the widest possible context.

This privacy statement will outlines what you can expect when McMain collects and stores your personal information. This applies to information we collect about the following subjects.

Visitors to our website

When somebody visits our website by Google Ads or other chanels, we use an external service, Google Analytics, to collect standard internet log information and details to be able to analyze behaviour patterns of the visitors. With this, we can analyze the amount of visitors of different sections of our website. This information will only be used in such a way that individual visitors cannot be recognized. We will not try to ascertain the identity of the anonymous visitors, unlike via contact forms, where we state in advance which information will be collected and where this information will be used and that we will only do this following explicit approval from the visitor.

  • Calls and requests and the corresponding response
  • Information for commercial purposes as part of our services to our customers
  • Information about marketing activities of McMain Software products
  • Applicants and former employees
  • Visitors of our website

Use of cookies by Mcmain

McMain only uses technical, functional and analytic cookies that do not infringe on your privacy. A cookie is a small text file that is saved on your computer, tablet or smartphone with the first visit to this website. The cookies that we use are necessary for the technical operation of the website and your convenience. They are responsible for letting the website function properly and remembering for example your preferred settings. We can also optimize our website with these cookies. You can opt out of cookies by changing your internet browser settings so it does not save cookies anymore. Besides that, you can also delete all information, that was stored earlier, through the settings of your browser.

Storage and processing of your information

Offered information from our website is stored on a secure platform and protected in multiple ways against improper use. Only authorized personel has access to this data. The data will only be used for purposes that are stated on the forms and will not be shared with other organizations without prior explicit permission from the owner.

Calls and requests

Calls and requests will be handled by our help desk, where the procedure of this handling can be requested. All obtained information during the course of the call or request will be handled with the same care as all other information that we process. We use the obtained information to provide feedback on the report or request, and to be able to achieve appropriate follow-up communication. This can be in the form of e-mail, telephone or chat.

Information about marketing of McMain Software products

McMain uses information that is offered to able to properly perform our services to our customers. This information will only be used for the purposes for which it is offered. This information is including but not limited to: financial information, contact information for example to make correct offers, contacts and invoices.

How do we protect your data

To be able to protect your information properly, we took the following precautions:

  • Firewall protection including active monitoring
  • Malware protection on all platforms
  • Encryption of login data
  • Continual backups
  • Active retention policy
  • Data Backups

McMain uses a backup policy in the following way:

  • Website backups will be stored for a maximum of a week
  • At a request for deletion of personal data, all related personal data will immediately be deleted from our live environment.

Request information

We will respond to all requests for information about stored personal data within a term of 30 days after verification of the identity. All initial requests will not be charged for. Requests for information will presented in the form of a PDF file.

Marketing information

McMain collects information from diverse sources for marketing purposes, including social media, forums and marketing agencies. This information will be stored for no more than 24 months or not at all, or as long as the marketing campaign is active.

Sharing of information

McMain does not share information outside of their own organization. All data will only be used internally for internal applications or commercial purposes. An exception is the sharing of information with local authorities for legal research purposes or reporting. Information will not be shared with organizations outside of the E.E.A.

Supplier data

McMain is aware of the fact that data about suppliers and contact persons can be of personal nature. This information will be protected with the same care as other personal data and will not be shared outside of the own organization without explicit permission from the relation in question.

Applicants and (former) employees

McMain handles the information of applicants in the following way:

When McMain receives an application, these requests and the corresponding information is handled with care protected against sharing or misuse of the shared information. The applications will be destroyed within six months of the application. In case of written correspondence, this will be destroyed. If there is a need for contact in the longer term, for example in case of an open application, only contact information will be stored and other personal data will be destroyed.

Current employees

All personal data that will be stored by McMain, will be stored safely and protected. Only authorized employees have access to this data. All employees have the right to access this stored data, through a request to the direct superior.

Former employees

All personal data that will be stored by McMain, will be stored safely and protected. If a former employee desires access to the data, that is stored about them, they can submit a formal request. The data of former employees will be stored for a period no more than three years and subsequently destroyed.

Data leak reporting

McMain reports all data leaks to the involved customers and/or suppliers. All data leaks as well as potential data leaks will be investigated fully in line with our data leak procedure.

Security and protection

McMain has not appointed a Data Protection Officer (DPO). All questions should be directed to the email address