Our McMainers

We are McMain and we are proud of that

  • Family business with more than 30 years of experience: love for maintenance management & current technology

  • Counsel and contributing ideas: organizing digitally is in our blood

  • Reaching the determined goal together: that’s when we celebrate

  • Flying start: Getting underway quickly is our goal. McMain on your device within three weeks.

  • A maintenance viewpoint: offering a practical solution that simplifies complex situations

  • 30 years of experience
  • 25 employees
  • Average customer satisfaction: 8
  • 10.000 users

Short version? This is McMain in a nutshell

As promised, a quick version of who and what McMain is. Here it is: family business, 30 years of experience and passion for maintenance. But that doesn’t say a lot about who we are. And we would like to share that with you too. We believe that our McMain identity makes us unique. Ready for the detailed version?

Our people are McMain

With passion for maintenance and technology

Every day, we are committed to maintenance and technology, so maintenance becomes clear and understandable for everyone. At McMain, we have been doing this for 30 years. We know like no other what is needed for maintenance software.

Developing good comprehensible software, both easy to use and quick to install, comes to us naturally. Maintenance software may not sound very exciting, it is indispensable. Just like our people, because they make McMain.

Every McMainer has the values commitment, a healthy dose of eccentricity and a lot of passion for maintenance management in his or her DNA. You can also see that in our company culture. Every single employee is motivated by giving counsel and contributing ideas. And when your digital asset management grows, we also celebrate.

Customer experience

Zeeland Refinery
  • A match with our organization. We were searching for an organization that fitted with our values and culture. I know almost everyone here and you look for that in a company. So you quickly have personal contact. That’s what appeals to me.

  • Unique. “Special to McMain is small-scale and personal contact that we have with you. I value that.”

An attentive team. I would describe McMain as a team that shows a lot of commitment. The team is committed to getting it right, and you can see that. They think collaboratively. Not just for the short term, but also for the further process; how you want to deal with it in the long term.

Frank, can you help us?

Thirty years ago, Frank was asked to develop a program for breakdown registrations. Companies wanted to keep up their machine maintenance digitally. Frank went to work. The product was received so well by the client, that other companies also wanted to use the program. And with that one simple question, Frank can you help us, McMain was formed.

Versatility strengthens maintance software

Through the versatility in professional fields, McMain has grown so much that more than 10 000 users rely upon McMain. We are proud that we have McMainers with expertises in (business) informatica, engineering management, (mechanical) engineering, naval architecture and electrical engineering. We keep on building together with our customers, so our maintenance software becomes even more potent and dynamic.

Our mission: Make clear that which is complex

The needs of our customers are the base of everything we do. We develop our software together with our customers, so it conforms seamlessly to every requirement. This makes our services flexible and personal as well as enabling the whole process to run efficiently and effectively. With our expertise and years of practical experience we develop software to organize your maintenance management digitally. That’s how complex situation become clear.

Vision: Progressive partner for companies

Collaborative thinking, giving counsel and setting the standard in the maintenance world. That is our ambition. We believe in the power of our dynamic maintenance software so much, that we are aiming for worldwide expansion. McMain will conquer the (maintenance) world!

A demonstration on site?

Our specialist Roel Tiekink is happy to give an online demonstration of the maintenance software. During a demonstration he will show how McMain works and brainstorm how your organization can improve efficiency with digital maintenance.

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The online demonstration usually takes about 1,5 hours.  During that time, you’ll get a tour of the main features of the software and you can ask all your questions related to the software and digital maintenance.

Yes, you can. It is possible to import data from other software into McMain, so you can keep using your current data.

Yes, McMain has an internal export tool which can export data trouble-free from McMain to other formats.

Yes, that’s possible. You can set up a profile for each user in McMain Online that matches treir role.

A trial allows you to use all functionalities of McMain Online for 30 days. During a demonstration, one of our product specialists will walk you through the software and answer all your questions in an online meeting.