Forbo Flooring Systems manages maintenance digitally with McMain

“Thanks to McMain Software, failures have decreased by 30%”

Forbo Flooring Systems is a globally operating concern that produces PVC floors. Within Forbo, employees with a passion for floors are involved in the development, production and sale of floor coverings and industrial products. The majority of floors that pass by in popular Home and Living TV shows are produced by Forbo.

Forbo has been using McMain software since 2000 to ensure that the production of their floors runs smoothly. The software helps them keep track of their maintenance activities and preventive maintenance. Herbert Stroeve, responsible for the Purchasing of materials for the Technical Department, tells us about his experiences with McMain’s maintenance software.

Paperwork no longer necessary

“Before Forbo started using McMain, the organization worked with another maintenance system. Despite it being software, a lot of paperwork remained necessary. We therefore started looking for a modern, digital solution. Since we switched to McMain, a lot of work that we had to perform manually, now happens automatically.

With McMain, we can easily generate reports of the information we need. Think of breakdown times and preventive maintenance schedules of the production machinery. Everything can be viewed. In the past, we relied on post-its that contained the necessary information. Every two to three months we had to enter all data manually into the system, which cost us a lot of time.”

“Thanks to McMain, everything can be viewed and all paperwork has been replaced by automation”


“McMain is a user-friendly system, and by that I mean the complete system. Really everything. It’s about how the system works, what you can get out of it and how you organize the software. I do notice that McMain users who work in production roles look at the system in a different way than I do.

It is therefore important that everyone understands how McMain works and how it should be used. I find it very important that everything about the system is clear at a glance. For example, if I want to add a new asset, or get a report about something, I need to know what I have to do in order to get the desired outcome. McMain is very intuitive and easy to learn.”

Correct information in an instance

“McMain was set up specifically for our organization. It generates reports about breakdowns and other information that’s important for us. Everything is now centralized and digitally available, in one place. McMain is used by several managers within Forbo. Because we now all use the same system, it is possible to retrieve information from anywhere in the factory. Where previously an Excel sheet was generated that was often incorrect, we can now view correct and complete information in an instance.”

“McMain meets our needs: it is always clear what we need to do.”

McMain saves a lot of time

“McMain is a good solution for our applications, activities and organization in general. Everything is now automated and this creates a clear picture of the state of affairs. We’ve got insight into all work orders and we know which maintenance tasks are currently being carried out and which ones have not been executed yet.

In addition, we have also started working more effectively, because the question of who should do what has disappeared. Where people often used to ask things like when a pump was being repaired, for example, they can now see for themselves when their equipment or machines are available again. That has already saved us a lot of phone calls and time!”

Want to get started as well?

Would you like to know more about how McMain can help you optimize your maintenance management? The free trial version of McMain Online allows you to experience the software for yourself! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact or +31(0)341 – 750 500.