Asset management software: gain insight in your assets and improve your maintenance process

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  • Long lasting partnership: this is how we learn the ins and outs of your organization

  • Counsel and contributing ideas: that’s what motivates us

  • Save 3 to 8% on the maintenance budget: that’s when we celebrate

  • 30 years of experience
  • 10.000 users worldwide
  • Reduce CO₂ emissions
  • 2.000 paper work orders saved per year
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Successful collaboration in digital maintenance

A package that adjusts for you

McMain's asset management software makes it possible to process your wishes and workflow in the sofware. Do you want to expand? We have extra modules to upgrade your software package to a successful digital maintenance management package.

Maintenance Management

Quickly the right information in an organized way, so your assets achieve the optimal availability.

Facility Management

Allow your facilities to grow and manage your resources easily.

Field service

Get in control of your planning with a graphical view of your field service engineers.

Fleet Management

Manage your fleet and vehicles smoothly with our Fleet Management Software.


Make the dream of every QHSE manager come true: getting through an audit carefree.


Always real time insight in your technical warehouse management. Never lose anything ever again.

McMain Online

McMain with a modern look. Quickly the right information in an organized way, so your assets achieve the optimal availability.


McMain’s software is adjustable for every company with our different modules.

Customer experiences

Koninklijke Bammens B.V.
  • After growing internal demand for insight in expenses, Evert delved into maintenance software. “Repairs, preventive and corrective maintenance involves a lot of expenses. I wanted to see these expenses with the push of a button.”

McMain says exactly how an existing breakdown can be solved. This means that we gain 2 to 4 hours on existing breakdowns. This motivates us to investigate unknown breakdown and save the solution.

  • The grippers of the robots at Landjuweel regularly broke. Replacements were planned every two months. “We haven’t needed any new grippers since we planned and based this maintenance on data from McMain. This saves us over €7000,- per year. And this is only a small part of our machinery.”

“By diligently recording maintenance in the software, over time you can see when damages appear and stretch level of your maintenance. You can also prevent breakdowns with the right maintenance. McMain is a great help with that.”

  • Inside HFI, a lot of work was done on paper. Breakdowns were reported on loose papers, put in a folder and shoved in a storage cabinet. “Now we have everything stored in one system and we can all keep track of the state of affairs. We all know what we’re talking about.”

“Processes are clear and setting priorities is easy. With McMain we can indicate what should be taken up first. Machines that can’t run are classified for us as the first priority, because that is loss of money so that has to be picked up immediately.”

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The demonstration will take 1,5 hours and can take place on site or via a TeamViewer session.

No, this data can be imported to McMain. Together with your McMain consultant, you can choose which data is still relevant.

Yes, McMain is available in the form of a subscription model or a one-time payment model. The subscription model, or SaaS solution, is a model with a monthly fee. You won’t have to worry about the whole infrastructure then.

Yes, McMain has an internal export tool which can export data trouble-free from McMain to other formats.

No, the system has a profile per discipline (function group) in which unnecessary functionalities will be left out.

With a trial, you request a free account for 30 days. We will remotely support you with this account and inspire you about McMain Online during these 30 days. During a demonstration we would like to personally tell you the story of McMain and we will show you the capabilities of the program. This can be arranged via TeamViewer or on site.

And we are proud of that
We are McMain

We are committed to maintenance and engineering every day, so maintenance becomes organized and intelligible for everyone. At McMain, we have been doing this for 30 years. We know better than anyone what maintenance software requires.

Developing good comprehensible software, both easy to use and quick to install, comes to us naturally. We are motivated by giving counsel and contributing ideas. And when your company grows, we also celebrate.

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