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Prices and packages

A CMMS comes in all different shapes and sizes. This is just as well, because every team is different and has different requirements. Thanks to McMain’s modular design, you can enter at any level and choose the ideal package for your Technical Service. You can easily scale up or down to create a package that fits your needs seamlessly. No matter how big (or small) your organization and budget are, there is always a package that fits.

Most chosen

The ideal tool for the fundamentals of your Technical Service.

per month/user
Price includes desktop and mobile user
Mobile user: €15 per month/user
  • Asset management
  • Breakdown registration
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Graphic Planboard
  • Calls
  • Procedures & Inspections

The advanced platform for the maintenance professional.

per month/user
Mobile user: €25 per month/user
  • Everything from Team +
  • Multiple sites
  • Multiple languages
  • Screen Editor
  • Custom software
  • Availability over all modules

The new generation of asset management software

An indispensable tool for your organization

Asset management software helps you to digitally eternalize the valuable maintenance knowledge within your organization. Wandering paper administration is a thing of the past. The information is available to your maintenance team anytime and anywhere, including via tablet or smartphone. This helps you to take your maintenance work to a higher level. After all, you get more insight into the availability and efficiency of your installations. With this information, you can focus on improvement and save costs. Besides the fact that it saves you a considerable amount of time. In short: asset management software is an indispensable tool for today’s Technical Services. Have we convinced you yet?


per month/user


per month/user


per month/user


The ideal tool for the fundamentals of your Technical Service.

per month/user


The advanced platform for the maintenance professional.

per month/user
Work order management
Infinite work order registration
Mobile app
Breakdown registration & downtime
Preventive Maintenance
Graphic Planboard
Procedures & inspections
Project management
Capacity planning
Contract management
Work permits
Asset management
Infinite asset registration
Asset specifications
Generate QR codes
PAT Registrations
Procurement & Inventory management
Infinite item registration
Suppliers & contacts
Parts list registration
Item issue
Purchase orders
Locations & multiple warehouses
Receipts & reservations
Invoice registration
Standard reports
Customizable dashboard
Report Designer
Open API
Custom API
Security, setup & configurations
Backup management
(Audit) Logging
Authorization management
Multiple sites
Screen editor
Multiple languages
Infinite support requests
Payment method
Annual billing


The demonstration will take 1,5 hours and can take place on site or via a TeamViewer session.

No, this data can be imported to McMain. Together with your McMain consultant, you can choose which data is still relevant.

Yes, McMain is available in the form of a subscription model or a one-time payment model. The subscription model, or SaaS solution, is a model with a monthly fee. You won’t have to worry about the whole infrastructure then.

Yes, McMain has an internal export tool which can export data trouble-free from McMain to other formats.

No, the system has a profile per discipline (function group) in which unnecessary functionalities will be left out.

With a trial, you request a free account for 30 days. We will remotely support you with this account and inspire you about McMain Online during these 30 days. During a demonstration we would like to personally tell you the story of McMain and we will show you the capabilities of the program. This can be arranged via TeamViewer or on site.

A demo at your location?

Our specialist Roel Tiekink is happy to give you an (online) demo of the maintenance software. During this demo, he will show how maintenance software works and he will help brainstorm how your organization can work more efficiently with digital maintenance.

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