Asset management

Save time and money by organizing the management of your assets in an orderly fashion

  • Save time and maintenance costs
  • Visual tree structure of your assets
  • Insight in maintenance costs and efficiency
  • Digital copy of all your assets
  • Understanding the history of assets
  • Interactive dashboard

Asset management software for clear visualized processes

The module asset management digitalizes and bundles all important information about every asset. That is how you easily create a clear digital copy of your asset, where all necessary information can be found easily and quickly. Besides, everything can be traced back to a machine or department where all information is accumulated automatically. This results in a saving of time and costs. The creation of assets, machines, installations and assets is the first step in digital maintenance management. Well managed assets are the foundation of good maintenance, they are the beating hart of your operations. By visualizing the complete asset structure, asset maintenance management software gives your Technical Service clarity and insight in your assets. The asset management module is user-friendly and efficiently built. That is what makes McMain Software a simple asset management system.

Asset Management in a nutshell

Maintenance software, that makes asset management clear and visible, provides insights that save time and money. We are happy to show you how our asset management modules accomplishes this.

Visual overview

All data about every assets is shown grouped in a tree structure. That is how you get visual insight and overview for every asset and the underlying assets. This ensures that all information is available to you quickly and easily so you can see what is going on.

Insight in maintenance costs and efficiency

McMain works with a hierarchical tree structure. With this, all costs are charged on the right level. That is how you get an overview of all maintenance costs. This is also tracked for materials consumed, breakdowns, scheduled work and overdue work.

History of assets

It is important to keep good records of how every assets functions and which breakdowns or maintenance have happened. This is how you can plan preventive maintenance per asset and prevent a breakdown.

Images and information per asset

Every asset has its own operating instructions, safety instructions and drawings. By storing this data digitally, it never gets lost again and everyone has quick and easy access to it.


A pedigree is available per asset in the software, in which all information of this asset can be viewed. Think of technical specifications and parts lists per asset.

Analysis and monitoring per asset

Analyzing comes standard with our software. This ensures that you immediately know how you are doing today. On an interactive dashboard everything is made clear with the trends and to-dos per day.

Key components at a glance

A short overview of the most important components from the module Asset Management.

  • Hierarchical tree structure
  • Possibility to move assets
  • Insight in maintenance costs per asset
  • Insight in costs per period
  • Preventive planning per asset
  • Google Maps interface
  • Trends on asset level
  • Specifications based on asset types
  • Thorough analysis for replacement and overhaul
  • Parts lists per asset

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Our specialist Roel Tiekink is happy to give you an (online) demo of the maintenance software. During this demo, he will show how maintenance software works and he will help brainstorm how your organization can work more efficiently with digital maintenance.

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The insightful history per asset, helps with the start of predictive maintenance

Viewing the complete history per asset gives insight. You get a handle on issues such as: what maintenance was needed per asset, what breakdowns have occurred, which assets will be inspected soon and when will the contractor come by? The Asset Management software provides answers to these questions. It helps your Technical Service to understand the maintenance processes and to plan them. This changes maintenance from “firefighting” to being in control and being able to perform proactive predictive maintenance from now on.


The online demonstration usually takes about 1,5 hours.  During that time, you’ll get a tour of the main features of the software and you can ask all your questions related to the software and digital maintenance.

Yes, you can. It is possible to import data from other software into McMain, so you can keep using your current data.

Yes, McMain has an internal export tool which can export data trouble-free from McMain to other formats.

Yes, that’s possible. You can set up a profile for each user in McMain Online that matches treir role.

A trial allows you to use all functionalities of McMain Online for 30 days. During a demonstration, one of our product specialists will walk you through the software and answer all your questions in an online meeting.