Procurement and inventory management

Get the most out of your warehouse

  • Easily manage locations and warehouses
  • Always aware of usage and costs
  • All costs charged to reports and work orders
  • Findings items trouble-free
  • The right materials in the right place
  • Never lose anything

Never lose anything again with McMain's inventory management software

Maybe it happens to you too sometimes: a fruitless search in the warehouse for that one item. It is nowhere to be found while you were sure there was enough in stock. Super inconvenient and fairly easy to prevent with procurement and inventory management software. Within McMain, you easily manage your locations and warehouses. Find items quickly and develop a good purchasing strategy. Cost tracking is also important. This is information that you can use, for example for a preventive maintenance model. Thanks to procurement and inventory management software, you can indicate on work orders which materials and parts have been used, including their costs. This way, all costs are reflected in reports and work orders as soon as you issue items and everyone is always aware of your usage and costs.

Customer experience

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What is the usage from the warehouse? With the procurement management, we create insight in what we really spend on every machine/installation. This helps us decide which materials/parts to put in stock, always accounting for costs and delivery time of certain items. With this data we can determine budgets in the future.

Procurement and inventory management software

Easily map out which materials are used in which quantities. Never miss out again by ordering on time with the information from McMain. Procurement and inventory management in optima forma.

Finding items trouble-free

With procurement and inventory management software, you can easily map out which materials are used in which quantities. Inside McMain, managing all locations and warehouses is very straightforward.

Management of all materials

With minimum stock levels, counts and QR codes you will get more out of your warehouse(s). McMain automatically generates a purchase order when you dip below the minimum stock. That is how you never miss out again.

The right materials in the right place

The purchase strategy is of great import to service your customers, internal and external, as soon as possible. Thanks to McMain, you have the right materials at the right time and in the right place.

Simple and clear data management

Enter the desired supliers per item in McMain, manage the relevant documents, like manuals, drawings and photos, and record received goods.

Analysis and monitoring per asset

Analyzing is a standard part of our asset management software. This ensures that you know exactly where you stand. On an interactive dashboard everything is shown clearly with trends and to-dos per day.

Het analyseren is een standaard onderdeel van onze asset management software. Dit zorgt ervoor dat je precies weet hoe je ervoor staat. Op een interactief dashboard wordt alles overzichtelijk weergeven met daarbij de trends en de to-do’s per dag.

Asset master data

Per asset, asset master data with all information about this asset is available in the software. Think of technical specifications and parts lists with parts per asset.

Accurate item management

Create new orders, view detailed order data and keep track per item which supplier is preferred.

Key components at a glance

A short overview of the most important components from the module Procurement and inventory management

  • Detailed order data
  • Management of relevant documents
  • Materials files
  • Receival and delivery registration
  • Checks on critical items
  • Price registration for purchasing and selling
  • Diverse reports
  • Material management

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Our specialist Roel Tiekink is happy to give you an (online) demo of the maintenance software. During this demo, he will show how maintenance software works and he will help brainstorm how your organization can work more efficiently with digital maintenance.

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No, this data can be imported to McMain. Together with your McMain consultant, you can choose which data is still relevant.

Yes, McMain is available in the form of a subscription model or a one-time payment model. The subscription model, or SaaS solution, is a model with a monthly fee. You won’t have to worry about the whole infrastructure then.

Yes, McMain has an internal export tool which can export data trouble-free from McMain to other formats.

No, the system has a profile per discipline (function group) in which unnecessary functionalities will be left out.

With a trial, you request a free account for 30 days. We will remotely support you with this account and inspire you about McMain Online during these 30 days. During a demonstration we would like to personally tell you the story of McMain and we will show you the capabilities of the program. This can be arranged via TeamViewer or on site.