“McMain is indispensable for our Technical Service”

Eurol B.V. is a Dutch independent producer of lubricants and technical fluids that is active in more than 80 countries. As total supplier, Eurol has a full-service approach with a complete product portfolio like lubricants, additives, technical fluids and cleaning and maintenance products. Harry Bosch, Head of Technical Service, talks about his McMain experience.

Our conversation began with a retrospect: how did they perform their maintenance before using McMain? “At Eurol, we used to use Excel, but I was not there for that. When I started at Eurol, McMain had already been implemented. I had previously worked with other maintenance software and sometimes that could be a challenge, so I can say that McMain is user friendly and not needlessly complex. It is easy to master. This is mainly caused by the logical structure of the program, because it is designed from the perspective of maintenance.”

“After my experience with other maintenance software, I can say McMain is user friendly.”

“Our own way of working, just more efficient”

“We started with inventory management and procurement, but also with calibration. We are currently tweaking the inventory part and that is running smoothly. What I really like, is that we have the option of adjusting the system to their specific preferences. For example, we have our own ordering layout that was also implemented in McMain. It is exactly how we want it. With this, thanks to McMain we can continue our own way of working, just more efficiently. For the performance of preventive as well as corrective maintenance, the program is a helping hand and memory aid. In this way, our work activities are always organized. For example, you can differentiate between preventive and corrective maintenance, but also in statutory examinations and inspections. That is something McMain changed for me. Now I can filter on the category of (maintenance) activities and inspections.”

Gain insight with maintenance software

Like how every company has their own work process, they also have their own targets. What do you want to achieve with the software and where are you headed? “Gaining insight, that is where I am headed. The inventory management, the maintenance and repair costs per machine and the breakdown duration and downtime, but also the hours of the Technical Service. Where are those going and what are frontrunners in breakdowns? To get this information, we have to fill in everything correctly. That is a matter of practicing and making it a habit within the team. An increasing amount is registered, so I am more able to explain the hours, and the costs, on both installation and machine level, are more insightful. From there, conclusions can be reached; examples would be getting insight in the Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) and the Mean Time To Fail (MTTF). Additionally, this data could also be used to compose FMECAs for certain critical installations/machines. I would therefore describe McMain as an indispensable tool for the Technical Service.”

“I would describe McMain as an indispensable tool for the Technical Service.”

Saving money

“My ultimate goal that I envisaged is to include the warehouse in McMain. By connecting materials and items to machines, we can get insight in running costs and planned maintenance. But what is the usage from the warehouse? Through the procurement management we would also be able to see what we really spend on each machine/installation. This will help us to decide which materials/wear parts to stock, keeping costs and lead time of certain items in mind. Based on that, we can then determine budgets in the future.”

Modular structure and possibility for expansion

“A big advantage of McMain for me is the modular structure. We have many options to expand the program, when the Technical Service is ready. It is also possible to adjust items to our requirements. So we expand step by step. It often happens that you gain (different) insights during the process, and then McMain has various possibilities for expansion or adjustments. From moment to moment I see which tool is needed and that helps with working increasingly efficient. For example, I want to focus on the Digital Technician App and the module work permits. The goal is to save time and create an overview. We are all busy and if the system can solve it and help us, that is amazing. The program takes a lot of work out of your hands. In short, we can work more efficiently and save time.”

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