KLM Catering Services

“With McMain, we gained structure and we could eliminate breakdowns”

When you think KLM, you think Royal Dutch Airline. When you think KLM, you think of good service. KCS, KLM Catering Services, makes a big contribution to that. KCS assembles meals to supply the KLM fleet. The machines try their best to manage this and the McMain maintenance system is there to help.

“KCS is a subsidiary of KLM Air France”, he tell us. “And when I talk in manufactory speak, we assemble 55 000 meals every day for the KLM. Besides the KLM, we also supply three Asian parties.” The KCS has been using McMain for a year to keep the machines running. Michiel van Hooijdonk, Maintenance Engineer from TMC Manufacturing Support, talks about his McMain experience.

Everything is available in one place

Michiel starts his story with a look back to the situation of last year. “When I arrived, all work orders were open and people worked with Excel. There was zero follow-up because my predecessor was gone and the work planner was extremely busy. A maintenance system can do a lot, but it cannot fill in everything itself and close work orders. You have to stay on top of it. When you arrive now, work is followed up and that is a big improvement and that is the largest milestone we have reached so far.”

“I now have the rule: if it is not in McMain, it did not happen”, he continues his story. “We wanted structure and to be able to find everything in one place. In this way we can also take decisions based on experience and data. We chose for McMain in the end, because the starter model is more affordable than other maintenance systems and the question is not whether it works. On top of that, it is easy to start with McMain.

“The McMain starter model is affordable and it is easy to start out. One of the best things about McMain is, that is not an accounting program. The developer has actually worked with the technology.”

Trust and structure

“Besides the fact that McMain is available for a good price, the sales team did their work well. We thought: hey, these guys are trustworthy and we got the feeling we would receive a good maintenance system from them. With McMain, we have a pleasant way of working together. The meter did not immediately start running after purchasing.”

He thinks for a single second before he answers the question what McMain has brought them. “Structure. Structure for the technicians; they know what they have to do. Structure for the work planner, but also for me as maintenance engineer. With common breakdowns, we now can trace, solve and preferably eliminate the cause with five times why. ”

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