T. Boer & Zn

“McMain is the basis of our technical service”

T. Boer & Zn is a worldwide operating exporter of veal. The company, which is an independent subsidiary of Van Drie Group, manages numerous installations over 2 locations in Nieuwerkerk aan den IJssel with their own Technical Service. Naturally, maintenance is often necessary and breakdowns are the order of the day. Matthijs de Jong, installation manager, talks about his experiences with McMain.

“We primarily focus on the processing of veal. Understandably, this also involves the maintenance of the machines. The management of the technical service is done from one central place. We did not want to let the procedure and data processing depend on pen and paper, it had to be digital. A search was started for software, that can easily offer insight and clarity to our staff. McMain visited T. Boer & Zn to give a complete presentation about the software and the possibilities they had to offer. Then it was decided that this software offers the comprehensive package we were looking for, so the choice was easy.”

McMain as organized planner

De Jong: “I work fulltime with McMain, we can’t do without. Everything is included in one program and this keeps it organized for everyone. We use McMain for the management of our installations and it also scans and plans the maintenance for us. If, for example, a major breakdown were to happen every year, we can identify it thanks to McMain and increase the frequency. Thanks to McMain we can then also perform smarter preventive maintenance. What is also useful, is that per asset you can look at it and click through. You click from the bill of materials on the item and you can immediately see where it is located in the warehouse. It is very simple.”

“Everything surrounding the maintenance of our installations is stored in McMain and that keeps it organized for everyone.”

Immediate results with McMain

To stimulate and optimize the usage of McMain inside the organization, the staff of T. Boer & Zn regularly follow courses. “Last year, 25 employees followed a course at McMain. They were all highly enthusiastic about the courses. Besides the employees being enthusiastic about new know-how and insights, there is also regular contact with McMain. We have a dedicated contact person, which suits us well. When you call with a question, it is always quickly answered, often before the conversation has even ended. They are always professional. They also want to look over your shoulder if something is unclear.”

Future plans

The enthusiastic installation manager says he wants to keep working with McMain in the future: “It does take time to get the installation of the software right, but this investment will benefit you in the long run. With the increasingly frequent audits, McMain is also the ideal link.”

They are still working on McMain to get the most out of the software. De Jong: “If we encounter something or get new ideas for the software, we can always pass it on. McMain will examine the demand is there for other customers and if that is the case, it will be picked up in the newest updates.”

Start now with McMain (Online)
Do you want to experience for yourself what makes Tjerk so enthusiastic? Try the trial version of McMain Online for free and see what it is like! If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at sales@mcmain-software.com or +31 341 – 750 500