Maintenance Management

All information about your assets in one place. That saves time and money

  • Save time on maintenance
  • Save 3 to 8% costs on average
  • Create and adjust your Maintenance Strategy

Bundle all knowledge and information about assets

Maintenance Management software: save 3 to 8% on the maintenance budget

Your Technical Service has a tremendous amount of valuable knowledge about each asset, but it is a search for the right information sometimes. And that takes time. Is that recognizable? By bundling all the information digitally in a maintenance management system, you have the right data at hand quickly.

Our maintenance management system gives you this clarity. By performing smart preventive maintenance, downtime in the production will be reduced. Concretely, you will save 3 to 8% on your total maintenance budget.

Customer experience


"What I like, is the possibility to make adjustments. With thus we can continue our own way of working, just more efficiently."

Harry Bosch
Head of Technical Service
Province of Groningen

"Because we have been using a maintenance system like McMain for so long, we have recorded a whole host of information. That has as advantage that even the complete financial management is stored there, even the replacement costs, investments and hours.”

Peter Doornbosch
Equipment manager
KLM Catering Services

“We wanted structure and being able to find everything in one place. In this way we can also take decisions based on experience and data. You can see that the developer used this as a guiding principle and that they have actual worked with the technology. That is why it is not an accounting program."

Michel van Hooijdonk
Maintenance Engineer
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What is a CMMS?

You can read all about it here

Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS) focuses on maintenance. It replace the paper work orders and bulging filing cabinets for greater visibility and structure. From this system, it’s a breeze to use modules to pick up preventive work, procurement and inventory management and calls, among other things. The goal of a CMMS? To manage and streamline all maintenance activities of the operational assets.

The power of McMain Maintenance Software

A package that adjust to you

With McMain Maintenance Software you choose a package that is quickly ready to use: you can start within 3 weeks. Guaranteed. Thanks to our plug and play modules, we can tailor the software completely to your organization.

Plug & Play

Expand your asset management easily with existing modules that fit your maintenance process

Preventive maintenance

With the preventive maintenance software your technical services gets insight and clarity for every asset.

Clear history

Clear breakdown and maintenance history for every asset.

Optimize your maintenance process

Achieve better results by bundling all information. From (maintenance) contracts to purchase and breakdown registration.

Time saving

Quick, easy-to-use registrations, readymade work preparations and simple handling of breakdowns or work requests save you a lot of time.

Flying start

Within 3 weeks on your device and ready to use in your organization.

More than 30 years of experience

Thanks to our years of experience in maintenance and technical management, we know better than anyone how your organization will benefit from our Maintenance Management Software.

Key advantages at a glance

Everything you need to know about Maintenance Management by McMain

  • A powerful Maintenance Management solution
  • Maintaining insight and overview
  • Modular design
  • Everything for a streamlined maintenance process
  • More than 30 years of experience in maintenance and technical management
  • Easy-to-use registration
  • Effective handling of breakdown and work requests
  • History of all assets

A demo at your location?

Our specialist Roel Tiekink is happy to give you an (online) demo of the maintenance software. During this demo, he will show how maintenance software works and he will help brainstorm how your organization can work more efficiently with digital maintenance.

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Prices and packages

Choose your Maintenance Management software bundle

A CMMS comes in all different shapes and sizes. This is just as well, because every team is different and has different requirements. Thanks to McMain’s modular design, you can enter at any level and choose the ideal package for your Technical Service. You can easily scale up or down to create a package that fits your needs seamlessly. No matter how big (or small) your organization and budget are, there is always a package that fits.

Most chosen

The ideal tool for the fundamentals of your Technical Service.

per month/user
Price includes desktop and mobile user
Mobile user: €15 per month/user
  • Asset management
  • Breakdown registration
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Graphic Planboard
  • Calls
  • Procedures & Inspections

The advanced platform for the maintenance professional.

per month/user
Mobile user: €25 per month/user
  • Everything from Team +
  • Multiple sites
  • Multiple languages
  • Screen Editor
  • Custom software
  • Availability over all modules

Maintenance Management software modules

The Maintenance Management software consists of basic modules that give you insight and overview. With our plug and play modules, the asset management package is easy to expand, so that it fully suits your organization.

Asset management

Register the maintenance of all your assets centrally within the organization and get more value from McMain’s asset management software.

Procurement and inventory management

With the procurement and inventory management software, it is easy to map out which materials and quantities are used. This way you will never run out again.


Reflect a certain time period, substantiate that gut feeling and turn data into information with McMain’s Reports module.

Work order management

More grip on your complete work process? With work order software, all your information is organized in one system.


The demonstration will take 1,5 hours and can take place on site or via a TeamViewer session.

No, this data can be imported to McMain. Together with your McMain consultant, you can choose which data is still relevant.

Yes, McMain is available in the form of a subscription model or a one-time payment model. The subscription model, or SaaS solution, is a model with a monthly fee. You won’t have to worry about the whole infrastructure then.

Yes, McMain has an internal export tool which can export data trouble-free from McMain to other formats.

No, the system has a profile per discipline (function group) in which unnecessary functionalities will be left out.

With a trial, you request a free account for 30 days. We will remotely support you with this account and inspire you about McMain Online during these 30 days. During a demonstration we would like to personally tell you the story of McMain and we will show you the capabilities of the program. This can be arranged via TeamViewer or on site.