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The choice has been made. You want insight and clarity in your maintenance management; the sooner the better. We would like to help you. That’s why we are offering a 30 day free trail. With the trail, you can experience and play with our software. Prefer a (online) demo? We are happy to schedule one. During the demo we will show you how McMain works, what the possibilities are and we identify what your organization needs. 

A demo on site

Our specialist Roel Tiekink is happy to give an online demonstration of the maintenance software. During a demonstration he will show how McMain works and brainstorm how your organization can improve efficiency with digital maintenance.

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McMain in a nutshell

Quickly have the right information ready. Important information is saved centrally and digitally so you never lose valuable data. Get insight in all your assets and never lose them again.

Working on the go

Thanks to McMain’s software all your important information is saved centrally and digitally, so you never lose valuable data and are always up to date. The right data is ready at the push of a button.

Plug and play

Plan your Asset Management the way you want due to the modulair design. Modules are easy to turn on and off, enabling the software to fit to your requirements.

Digital procedures and work instructions

With the help of the procedure and work instruction possibilities you can wave your paper work orders goodbye. Your staff can easily and digitally view, complete and sign the work orders and instructions.

Graphic work planning

Work orders can manually or automatically be dragged to the planning via McMain, with or without a target date. With this you’ll get a handle on your planning and be able to see the workload per department or per crew.

Clear history per asset

The breakdown and maintance history available for every asset, so you can directly see where the budget is going and where you need extra resources.

Make simple reports everywhere

Thanks to the Reporter app incidents can easily, quickly and correctly be dealt with. Pictures can also easily be added to incidents.

Working with barcodes

We know better than anybody that barcodes can give an amazing boost to efficiency in a warehouse. The barcodes are at the heart of the software. Wave packing lists, empty warehouse locations and unnecessary frustrations goodbye.

Customer experience

Provincie Groningen

“McMain supports the whole primary process of Maintenance and Management. The maintenance data is at the heart of our organizaiton. The maintenance of objects from third parties is also registered in McMain.”

Ruud Klunder, Manager WEB
Provincie Groningen

Choose your maintenance software bundle

Make maintenance clear and concise, for small and big organizations.


Cloud / On-premises
starting at €35 p/m

  • Asset Management
  • Breakdown registration
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Graphic Planboard
  • Suppliers & Items
  • Meters
  • Inspections
  • Document management
  • Staff management
  • Dashboard

Cloud / On-premises
starting at €50p/m

  • Calls
  • Authorization management
  • NEN3140 registrations
  • Timesheets
  • Project management
  • Multiple crews
  • Procurement management
  • Stock management
  • Work permits
  • Possibility for interfaces

Cloud / On-premises
price upon request

  • Expanded reports
  • Relation management
  • Screen Editor
  • Report Scheduler
  • Report Designer
  • Toolkit
  • Task planning
  • Batch registration
  • Mandatory fields
  • Possibility for custom work


The demonstration will take 1,5 hours and can take place on site or via a TeamViewer session.

No, this data can be imported to McMain. Together with your McMain consultant, you can choose which data is still relevant.

Yes, McMain is available in the form of a subscription model or a one-time payment model. The subscription model, or SaaS solution, is a model with a monthly fee. You won’t have to worry about the whole infrastructure then.

Yes, McMain has an internal export tool which can export data trouble-free from McMain to other formats.

No, the system has a profile per discipline (function group) in which unnecessary functionalities will be left out.

With a trial, you request a free account for 30 days. We will remotely support you with this account and inspire you about McMain Online during these 30 days. During a demonstration we would like to personally tell you the story of McMain and we will show you the capabilities of the program. This can be arranged via TeamViewer or on site.