“Because of McMain our machines run better and more efficiently”

Vetipak is one of the biggest European contract packers with multiple high tech factories in different locations in the Netherlands. Because of the growth of the organization, keeping track of the maintenance is no longer possible without asset management software. Along with that, customers of Vetipak, and the requirements from the Global Standard for Food Safety (BRC), increasingly needed to manage and log all periodical maintenance work. Since 2010, Vetipak has been working with McMain Software. Rens van de Rakt, packaging technologist, talks about his experiences with McMain.

“The main reason the manage our maintenance work with McMain is the clear and insightful structure in the different modules. Both the ease of use, and the diversity in functionalities in the package I find to be strong points. Procurement & inventory management, thinking in terms of assets, contract management and the preventive maintenance to name a few examples.”

Seamless implementation

“Important with the implementation of the asset management software is the preparation. From McMain, I got sent many different documents with questions in aid of our preparation. This, supplemented with questions the consultant asked, resulted in a seamless implementation.”

“In the beginning, during the build up phase, it took some time to find users. There are, of course, a lot of possibilities in McMain. Finding a good balance in time is a challenge. After that, people started to see that the investment in time started to contribute to our machine running better and more efficiently, along with a better understanding of our costs.”

“The ease of use was one of the main reasons to join forces with McMain.”

McMain anticipates

“Recording preventive work can be done in McMain in a one-time, structured manner. After a simple action McMain generates the work orders. This prevents that these maintenance activities are not performed or performed too late. Very handy here is the ToDo overview. McMain triggers the user to pick up important work. Amongst others when they pass a predetermined threshold in terms of time in combination with the priority.”

“The support McMain provides is excellent. In case of questions and/or ambiguities I can call and/or email. Within 24 hours we receive an answer from McMain. Also with possible (small) adjustments or wishes regarding reporting McMain thinks along with us, to help us move forward.”

Future plans

“Taking advantage of the procurement & inventory module is already in the plans. As well as preventive maintenance. We want to use this better and more efficiently through for example the use of procedures. With this, all to be inspected machines are put cleanly in one overview and printed together on the work order. On top of that, searching for the machine in different factories is not needed anymore. Another feature we want to use more in the future, is the use of different reports in McMain. The organization can do more with this. I am convinced that the reports module will become an important tool.”

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